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We are a Special Interest Group of the International Plastic Modelers’ Society, here to help those interested in modeling the subjects of 34 Asian countries from Japan to Kazakhstan, and from the Maldives to Mongolia. Starting from 1945 to present day, our objective is to provide and collate resources in one handy place.


Within the site, you will find the following:

  • Lists of aircraft used by the various air arms of each country

  • Aircraft photos

  • Photos of models from our members and others

  • Photo tours of airfields

  • Walk-around videos of aircraft


We’ve also collated links to other online resources such as:

  • Models & accessory sources 

  • Camouflage and paint schemes

  • Historical articles and archives


Two exclusive features of the site include our Newsletter (downloadable PDF) and access to our Specialists Team, who currently cover 19 of the countries.


We are always keen to add new resources, so if you become aware of any additions or amendments, please contact us.



Asian Air Arms SIG

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Please note: This website is free of charge and accessible to all. We have no legal claim whatsoever to the copyright of the material included herein. Given the necessary information, the author's name will be fully credited. If you find your picture included here without any copyright credit (or with an incorrect one), please contact us immediately and a prompt correction will be made.  

Membership note:

There still appears to be some confusion regarding membership status as it relates to the Asian Air Arms SIG. Since there is no membership fee associated with the SIG, there is currently NO REQUIREMENT to 'update' your membership each year. In other words, once you are signed up for the SIG it is a 'Lifetime membership' UNLESS you decide at some later date that you do not wish to be a member of the SIG. In this case, as a matter of courtesy, you should let us know so we can amend our membership lists accordingly.

If you are a fully signed-up member of the SIG (see next paragraph) you will continue to receive the AAA SIG Newsletter via the standard e-mail shot with the first newsletter of 2022 due out towards the end of this month (January 2022).


Current fully signed up members of the AAA SIG are those individuals that positively responded to one (or more) of the numerous e-mails sent out during November/December 2021 and as a result of our periodic census of the Special Interest Group. If you DO NOT receive the next newsletter, you are NOT on the revised list and will need to advise us accordingly if you wish to be in priority receipt of the regular AAA SIG Newsletter in the future.

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