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Get frustrated cause you can't find the decals you want - in the scale you need? OR you don't want to pay a tenner for one sheet? Then make 'em yourself! I've put here  a set of instructions if you've never done it before.

Don't be nervous - give it a go! You'll stuff it up a few times but then get the hang of it - just like I did.


Plenty of modellers don't want to make their own decals, preferring to wait for the manufacturers to do the job. Problem is, manufacturers won't make them unless it's commercially viable. And if you want a minority decal you might wait for ever.

So, whilst waiting for that happy day, we've gone ahead and produced some home-made decal sheets that cover generic markings (roundels and fin flashes) for all of the East Asian air arms: they also feature a selection of markings such as Naval and Coast Guard. They're printed on a continuous film and on Clear decal paper. That means (i) you'll need to trim them, and (ii) if there is white in the marking they'll need an "undercoat" of white (decal paper or paint) because my printer can't print white! But this is no problem - see below for suppliers of white discs and squares.

The decals are either on A4 sheets, featuring up to six nations' markings in a range of sizes, and on smaller A5 sheets covering just one nation. They are designed to fit most scales.


Produce a great selection of modern ROCAF decals

Produced by member Bob Migliardi. Subjects cover a wide range of subjects both WWII and modern.

Produced by member Phil Camp who specialises in modern Indian aircraft. 

DXM's modern Japanese and US decals are particularly outstanding.

Quality, customer service, speed of response and packaging are unrivalled. Highly recommended.

Produced by member Aidy Abdullah.

His range primarily features

Malaysian subjects 

MYK have an enormous range of WWII and modern

Japanese and US decals.

A superb selection.

SIAM SCALE do a great range of primarily Thai decals,

from Bearcats to Harriers.

View their range here.

KORA offer an interesting selection of primarily Japanese aircraft post-WWII, e.g. Nat China, PLAAF and Manchukuo. Fancy a Cantonese Tiger Moth?

Produced with the help of our members in Singapore this very comprehensively covers most modern RSAF aircraft.


Interdecal's white discs to ""underlay" your home-made decals -

80 to 150mms.

BEST FONG specialise in Taiwanese markings but also cover other local areas plus white discs for decal making.

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