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Roger was born in 1958 and educated at Saint Joseph’s Institution in Singapore. After completing military service in 1980 he read law in London and completed a post-graduate degree at Dundee University in Natural Resources Law. On passing his Solicitor’s finals he worked in legal practices in Lindon and Bournemouth. Returning to Singapore in 1984 he lectured in History and Law before returning to England in 2000. His interests include military and aviation history especially that of the Luftwaffe in World War II as well as the air wars over North Vietnam and North Korea.

Roger will be more than happy to answer any queries you may have concerning air combat operations in North Vietnam. Just fill in the query box below and he'll get back to you.

Roger's book "MiGs Over North Vietnam" is a controversial work, presenting for the first time the air war from the point of view of the VPAF. All accounts have been taken from exclusive interviews with former North Vietnamese pilots, whose claims frequently contradict those of American and South Vietnamese aircrew. It has sparked much debate particularly with researchers who have, until now, relied almost exclusively on American sources.

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