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Specialist Subject: indonesian military aviation

Mick Burton2.jpg

Mick Burton is apparently an expert on the Indonesian Air Force......!

He is well over 21 years old and has been modelling since Pontius was a Pilate. Living in Drayton near Portsmouth, he retired from Hampshire Police four years ago, and now fully retired after a further two years as a postman. Previous to his thirty years as a PC, he worked in the construction industry as a site engineer after struggling through his HND.

With a family of four grown up daughters (he used to go to work for a rest), now has a young grand-daughter who, of course, is banned from the Man Cave!

For very many years Mick has been an active member of Portsmouth Modelling Club and over that time has developed an unhealthy interest in "small" air forces, including Asian air arms. He enjoys researching Indonesian and South American air forces, along with Spanish and Portuguese military aviation.

He started Bright Spark Decals in 1997 with a sheet of Indian roundels of which three print runs quickly sold out. Other sheets of markings followed for Pakistan, Egypt (second print run for both still available), Austria and Switzerland with serials, Saudi Arabia, Peru and Turkey with serials and titles (all sold out) and recently with Indonesian serials and titles.

His intensive knowledge of Indonesian military aviation, will be of great value to us and Mick has agreed to act as our Specialist for the region. He will happily respond to any queries you might have: just complete the form below and it will be passed on to Mick.

BS2 - Pakistani roundels.jpg
BS2A - Pakistan titles, lo-viz, Navy.png
BS9B - Indonesian Serials.png
BS1 - Indian post-1948.jpg
BS1A - Titling, etc.jpg

Thanks! Message sent. Paul will get back to you shortly.

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