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Tony Clayton is a keen observer of dioramas, taking photos of them around the country. He produces a quarterly CD magazine called Diaerama full of interesting dioramas he's spotted on his travels. In addition, Diaerama features highly relevant articles on such things as airport equipment, airfield building and "Walk Arounds" of airfield machinery to add life to your dioramas. Issue 32 (Autumn 2016) included "Lists of Airfield Vehicle Kits and Models". Have a look at his site, it really is
most interesting.

2. Mike Verier

Mike is a noted aviation author, with a particular bent towards whirlybirds. He has written several outstanding books including: Yeovilton: Defenders of the Fleet - Superbase 22;  Cobra: Tank Killer Supreme; Fort Bragg: America's Airborne Elite - Superbase 14 and his latest book, now available, is Cobra - the Attack Helicopter.

3. Gavin Snowdon

Gavin is a most accomplished aviation artist, specialising primarily in modern, military aircraft. He undertakes commissions at very accessible prices. View some of his work here. Contact him at

4. Richard Marmo

Richard has written many modelling e-books in the USA. This current volume takes the beginner to decal-making through all the necessary steps with particular emphasis on the printers, inks and finishing. It also contains some useful information for the more experienced. Visit his e-site at Please mention Asian Air Arms SIG if ordering.

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