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                All sheet prices are shown.

Postage for the UK is £1.00 for up to 3 sheets and £1.75 for more.

For international postage please send me your order details and I shall advise you of the postal cost.

Please use the form below to order decals. Payment is preferably accepted using PayPal.

After you send your order, I shall confirm it, send you an invoice and advise payment details.

Although I'm always fairly busy with "other things" I shall try to ensure that your order

will be sent within 5 days of your cleared payment.

Any profits made by the sale of our decals contribute to the running costs of the SIG and website.

AD1: India, Pakistan,

Sri Lanka, Bangladesh


AD2: Afghanistan,

Myanmar, Thailand, Laos


AD3: Cambodia, Malaysia,

Singapore, Hong Kong


AD4: Brunei,

Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, Philippines


AD5: Vietnam,




AD6: China,




AD7: North Korea,

South Korea, Mongolia,

Nepal, Bhutan


Lo-Vis 1: Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore,

Hong Kong, China.


Lo-Vis 2: Taiwan, Japan,

South Korea, Mongolia



Cambodia/Khmer Air Force



Royal Malaysian Air Force (Early)


Vers. 2 JPG.jpg
AE Expanded Malaysian JPEG Pt 1.jpg


Royal Malaysian Air Force (Late)


AE Expanded Malaysian JPEG Pt 2.jpg


Royal Thai Air Force


Thai 5 JPEG.jpg


Laos People's Army Air Force

1/72 £3.50;  1/48 £4.50

New Laos roundels JPEG.jpg

Please order here.

Thanks! We'll get back to confirm order details.

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