Andy Binks

Specialist Air Arms: Japan and Taiwan

Andy Binks has been making models since the mid-70’s with a bit of a break in his early twenties, coming back to the hobby more seriously as his interest in aviation grew. This came about after his getting a car, a camera and being able to travel to UK air shows. There then followed the revelation of being lucky enough to be able to go on aviation enthusiast holidays all around the world, both as a customer and then as a Tour Manager for the great Ian Allan Publications. The camera kit improved and grew - as did the number of photos!

It was during one of these trips in 2004 that he got the post-war Japanese aviation bug and has not looked back since. He became totally fascinated by the unique indigenous types, the classics and the colours that were used on the standard squadron aircraft, not forgetting the amazing special colour schemes that seemed to pop up with such regularity.

Having been back to Japan eight times since, he's also expanded his knowledge of both Japanese model shops and the general modelling scene, which it is safe to say, is one of the most vibrant in the world.

Andy has recently started conducting photographic aviation tours of Taiwan, on behalf of 4Aviation so he hopes to be able to provide a lot of current information on the ROCAF.

Whilst he doesn't have his own website, he more than makes up for this with enthusiasm for the subject, a lot of Japanese/Taiwanese aviation reference books as well as many of his own photos, some of which you can see by clicking "Andy's Photographic Gallery" above and on the SIG website.

He looks forward to hearing of any questions that you might have. Please fill in the question box below and he'll get back to you shortly.

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