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Greg Kittinger

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I build 1/72 aircraft, from WWII forward, and only build them wheels-up. Until Dec. 2019, all my models were brush-painted (or rattle can if NMF). I finally entered the modern age of the airbrush at the end of that year. I started building as an 8-year-old, dropped it in Jr. High (girls, sports, what can I say?), and took it up again a few years after I got married (early 80’s).

Dad was a fighter pilot so I grew up on airbases - he was trained in T-28, T-34 & T-33, then flew F-100, F-101, F-105, F-4C & D (Cam Rahn Bay) and T-38 (as IP). The Phantom is my favorite subject, and I’m currently on a long-term project to build 60+ Phantoms of all versions and air arms.

I'm a member of Tulsa Modeler's Forum club (, a chartered IPMS club.

I stumbled upon the AAA website a couple of years ago, and when the former webmaster asked to pass the baton, I offered to pitch in.  If you have any suggestions or issues, please send them my way!

Live in Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA, 6 kids, 9 grandkids (and counting), 1 GREAT wife (anyone who allows someone to continue to add to the stash faster than he can build deserves that moniker).

Love the outdoors and good friends (stop and visit anytime you're in Tulsa!)

REALLY hope to build my complete stash before I die (does anyone actually know someone who has accomplished this?)! 

You can see all of my recent builds here.

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